Bucks County Property Tax Appeal

Bucks County Property Assessment Appeal – Deadline is August 1, 2022

Bucks County Board of Assessment Appeals Website 

Bucks County Residential Property Assessment Appeal Form 2022

Bucks County Residential Property Appeal Rules 2022

In 2009, my Real Estate Taxes were reduced by $1,105.30/year!!!

One of the best things that may have come of the softening real estate market is that you may be able to save substantial money by appealing your real estate taxes.

Your tax appeal must be based upon proof that the municipality has over-assessed your property. In most cases it’s best if the taxpayer’s opinion be supported by a professional appraisal.

As a courtesy to my friends, clients and website visitors, I have put together a packet of information and can provide you with comparable properties to help you begin the process of a tax appeal.

Appeal Deadline is August 1, 2022!

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This information is for informational purposes only. Always consult with with a property tax attorney, appraiser or trained tax adviser with all of the facts that apply to your particular situation before making any decision or taking any action as a result of this information.

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